writing a novel

I had a great idea for a book. Everyone I talked to said I should write it. But where should I begin?

I’ve been writing since I was young. I’ve submitted short stories and articles to numerous publishers, both major and minor. My Master’s thesis was called a work of art (granted, it was about following the expansion and contraction of the Roman Empire through the production of beer, and who doesn’t like beer), but I didn’t know where to start on a novel.

To solve this problem, I did what anyone would do. I began researching. I bought dozens of book on writing, scoured the internet and devoured anything I thought would bring me closer to realizing my goal of getting a novel published. After months of studying story structure, character arc, setting, plotting, and a myriad of other details, I learned one important thing. All the theory, all the studying I did may help me understand what makes a story good, but it didn’t tell me anything about HOW to write my book.

I was devastated. Theory made no sense to me without any practical application.

After moping for a week, my wife finally got tired of the constant rain cloud over my head and told me to just start somewhere and maybe something would click. Either that, or I should give up trying to write a novel and get on with my life.

I hate it when my wife is smarter than I am (though if you ask her, she always is. She’s probably right, too).

So here I am, raring to go. As I go through the process, I’ll cover every step, every twist and turn in the writing process so that the next person who has a great idea will know where to start AND how to do it.

You don’t want to miss this.