An Elementary Witch

A Bella Flores Novel


Bella’s entire life has been spent trying to help others, and now it’s going to get her killed.

Working as a corporate drone can be soul crushing, but if anyone learns she's a witch, she could lose her head too. She has always been able to walk the line between the mystic and mundane while keeping her head down, but when something supernatural invades her building and kidnaps a child, she’ll have risk everything to rescue the girl and protect her secret. Plunging into the hidden world of magic, she will face trolls, shape changing Pookas, and the mother of monsters. Will she have the strength to fight creatures straight out of mythology, or will she fail, dooming them both to an evil fate?

An Elementary Witch is the first of the Bella Flores Urban Fantasy series. If you enjoy brilliant magic, dangerous monsters, and going toe-to-toe with supernatural forces, you’ll love this.

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