Over the course of my career, between professional writing, a master’s thesis and writing for enjoyment, I’ve written near half a billion words. Unfortunately, I suck so I should give up now and save everyone some time. That’s what a recent post said. Writing is hard work. If it was easy, everyone would be a…


All artists will, at some point in their life, run full speed into an immovable wall of creative scarcity, and it doesn’t matter if your medium is page, screen or canvas. Staring at that empty space can stop any artist from creating. For writers, this means you may be suffering from the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK….


This may be the most frequently asked question of any author, and I freely admit asking it more than a few times myself. Like many, I’d always labored under the impression that “Great Ideas” came from moments of perfect inspiration, or perhaps were the product of some talent that I had to be born with,…


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