Robert Martin

Novelist and Author

Growing up on a ranch in the deep New Mexico desert meant that while other children got to enjoy luxuries like dependable electricity and television, I had to make my own entertainment. With an English teacher and former Broadway actress for a mother, that meant either books or music. Since I can't carry a tune in a bucket, before I was a teenager I'd worked my way through all the classics, read Finnegans Wake (though I still can't say I understand it) and discovered an everlasting love of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Every book held the possibility of new worlds and adventures beyond imagination. Working as a firefighter/EMT to pay for college gave me even more time to study my favorite authors. After graduating and spending more than twenty years in the Financial industry, I never lost my love for a great story. Today I live in New York City, about as far away from being on a ranch as humanly possible, with a school teacher wife and two wonderful children. During the day, I explore the world of numbers, but at night I explore worlds beyond ours, both futuristic and fantastic.